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FIGMO CHART - Pin Up Nude Calendars for Our Troops Overseas
Historic Pin Up Girls Start Fully Dressed and Finish in the Nude
Our Short-Timer Calendars are better than any Advent Calendar we've seen!
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As every Viet Nam Veteran will attest, back in the 'Nam every G.I. wanted to be "short" and counted down the days until they got to head back to the States.

While we're sure they had more on their minds than what is portrayed in these beautiful pop art FIGMO charts, there is no question in anyone's mind that it was definitely at the top of the list!

In a rare find, Alamo Military Collectables has located a limited quantity of GENUINE, 1969-Dated FIGMO charts. These didn't make it to the 'Nam, but many like them did. Printed in the Midwest, these charts depict beautiful pin up girls in their slinky finests just waiting for their G.I. to come home. With a quick peel from the chart a G.I. could count down his last 90 days in-country.

Whether your a collector of military souvenirs, a lover of artful nudes or a fan of pulp ... er ... pop culture, these relics of the past are perfect. Also a great gift for your soldier overseas in one of our current theatres!

Size is 12 1/4" Wide by 18 3/4" Tall

Each chart will arrive new-in-the-package, unopened and complete with the "Hey Short-Timer!" Instruction sheet inside the plastic wrapper.

SHIPPING Shipping will Priority Mail for $10 to anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping costs for off-continent locations will vary.

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